Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun! Fun! Fun!!!

I am having a great time with Trashy's  As You Like It swap!!  I've even got TBG creating a few bits and bobs.  Thanks to JennyFlower for picking such fun words for me to use.  (Apologies to Jo in Tas for the challenge I have given you by selecting such lame words. If I were able to do it over again....)  We will be posting pice once the package has been completed, mailed and opened.  Um...goodness only knows how long that will take so, best to go about your business whilest checking back ofter :)


Jo in TAS said...

I'm hoping you'll like what I've made for you, they're pretty cute!

trash said...

TBG is making something? Man! Now I am even more jealous of all these fabulous swaps than I was before!

jennyflower said...

I can't wait! xxx