Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Catch-Up

as opposed to ketchup which, btw, we in this house love!

 Posting has been on the back burner due to

TLG was ring bearer in my niece's wedding (Pittsburgh, PA)

And then,

 Independence Day - Fireworks view from the Washington National Cathedral

Closely followed by,

First wedding "second generation" in TBG's family
R to L: TBG's Sister, her new DIL and her Son/TBG's Nephew


Can't get this out of my head:


wonderwoman said...

well hot diggity dog, neither can i now!!!!


Jo in TAS said...

Hi Clara,
I'm sending to you in Trashy's As You Like it Swap, did you get my email, it may have ended up in your spam folder?