Monday, May 17, 2010


I had a post all planned; I was going to show you (in my smug, smug way) evidence that TLG is walking in the footsteps of his forebearers.  His crafty-ness has shown itself, again.  I was also going to brag about the beautiful, beautiful gift my MIL gave me for Mother's Day. 

However, as they say, pride goeth before the fall.  I can't brag because my pictures are on my work computer and I am home caring for a post-operative TBG.  He'd had some out-patient surgery done Friday and, thought he is a trooper, we are taking it east today.  Especially since my idea of "care" is to walk by him and ask 4,000 times if he wants more pain medication, attempt to stuff him full of popcicles, and try to talk him into going back to bed.  (Have I mentioned that I am not a nurse?)

I did manage some knitting whilst sitting by his hospital bedside.  Sadly, I didn't like it so it's been frogged.

(Not the pic I wnted to post but hate to post w/out a pic.)


trash said...

Think your post-op are sounds both extremely effective and quite solicitous enough. C'mon he is a pre-school child, it's not like he couldn't manage basic triage for himself.

wonderwoman said...

your idea of care sounds pretty good to me! shame about the knitting.

J2 said...

Blast! Would you update your blog already?? Its almost 4th of July!!!!!