Friday, April 2, 2010


in the midst of this my sisters and I tried to take our children here.  Oh, and did I mention that this  is going on as well?  TLG and I did manage to meet up with J1 and the Fairy Princess; sadly, J2 and here crew were in traffic for THREE HOURS before giving up and heading back home.  In a word, the zoo, was in fact a (human) zoo.  A mob scene in fact.  While I thoroughly enjoyed being with my sis and her daughter, I would have been just a happy hanging out at a nice quiet park or playground. 

I did score a few interesting pics and, for your viewing pleasure, will post them laster :)


trash said...

That is a shame all those people interrupted your day out en famille. However perhaps you should take it as an example of your fame spreeading beyond the blogosphere.

wonderwoman said...

i saw all the lovely blossoms on our news last night!! Perhaps not a good place to be at that time tho!


The Beso Team said...

Dear Clara,

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The Beso Team