Friday, February 26, 2010


Gopher: If I was you, I'd think about skedaddlin' out of here.

Winnie the Pooh: Why?

Gopher: 'Cause it's "Winds-day."

And it's "winds-day" here as well.   
 V-e-r-y windy but so far, no snow :)  And no need for us to move into Piglet's house.  Yet.

In knitting news, I c/o Saroyan last night and love it!  Easy, mindless knitting...  I am using Louisa Harding's Grace.  I was looking for asomething quick and easy to add to the package I am putting together for Trashy's Spring/Fall swap, stumbled upon this pattern and decided to keep it for myself (apologies to my swapee! honestly, it doesn't "go" with the rest of your package. Not. At. All. You see, it is brown.  Adnd brown is just not a Spring color.)

Stay warm friends!


trasha said...

Brown is a colour for EVERY season!

wonderwoman said...

well its supposed to be very stormy here tonight so i may well need piglets house!!


Michaela said...

Think that's going to have to go on the ravelry queue. Oh blimey, that queue is just getting waaaay too long...

Moogsmum said...

My favourite Winnie the Pooh story is The Blustery Day when poor piglet's ears get well and truly flapped about!

I love that pattern and thanks to you have just added yet another to my favourites on Ravelry ;)